The SylPlant project proudly unveiled its first official video at the bioeconomy conference BIOKET in Reims, followed by a presentation at the project’s General Assembly in Paris. This dynamic  motion design video provides a comprehensive overview of the SylPlant project, highlighting its pivotal role in advancing sustainable protein production in Europe.


This 2-min motion design video showcases the SylPlant project’s applications, impacts, and how a collaborative consortium is essential for its success. The video highlights how the SylPlant project aims to build and operate a pioneering biorefinery that transforms sugars derived from agricultural and wood by-products into protein-rich ingredients through yeast fermentation for the food and feed markets. This flagship plant will reach an annual production of 10.000 tons of ingredients per year at full capacity to meet the growing demand for natural, high-quality, and sustainable food products in the market. The project brings together 17 European partners spanning the entire food and feed value chain, ranging from feedstocks manufacturers to retailers.


The video introduces key facts and statistics about the state of protein production in Europe, focusing on sustainability issues within the value chain. It reveals that 75% of protein sources used in animal nutrition is imported, contributing to 30% of total greenhouse gas emissions. This underscores the urgent need for a new production approach. The video then explains the concept and objectives of SylPlant, focusing on the plant’s construction. Beyond this, it provides insight of the consortium’s collaborative approach, and the benefits of partnering with stakeholders across the entire value chain to bring Yusto and SylPro to the market.

This motion design was looping on screens at the BIOKET bioeconomy conference in March on the CBE JU stand showcasing the French CBE JU Flagships. It was then premiered in front of all the project partners at the General Assembly in Paris in April. It was finally published on SylPlant’s website, social media, and YouTube Channel the week after the General Assembly.

Interested by the project? Follow the SylPlant’s LinkedIn page to stay informed on its progress and receive updates on the latest developments.

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