Arbiom is committed to feeding the world in a sustainable and healthy way. Driven by our values of Excellence, Inclusivity and Sustainability, our passionate team leverages the power of fermentation to deliver next generation protein ingredients by tapping into nature-based solutions.

Arbiom truly adds to the food supply by creating rather than redistributing proteins. Our products are purpose-grown, natural, and protein-rich. With excellent functional and sensory properties, they are a perfect solution to healthy human and animal nutrition.

Arbiom’s first industrial project is underway in France, providing a safe and secure supply of 10,000 tons of protein ingredients per year to customers and partners.

Role in the project

Arbiom, as the Coordinator of SylPlant consortium, will supervise the project and its activities to deploy its first industrial plant, and validate its protein-rich ingredients in food (Yusto®) and feed (SylPro®) applications.

Arbiom will lead WP1, WP2, WP4, WP5, WP6, and WP9.