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SylPlant’s 1st General Assembly: Key progress and highlights

The SylPlant project held its 1st General Meeting on April 23rd and 24th in Paris. This event was the opportunity for project’s partners to exchange on the past progresses and prepare the next steps. To know more about it, check the content below!

The General Assembly was organized by our coordinator Arbiom in Paris on April 23rd and 24th. This significant 2-days together marked our first in-person meeting since the project’s kick-off in June 2023, offering a valuable opportunity for all partners to discuss the overall progress of SylPlant and the next steps coming.

The first meeting day was dedicated to presentations led by the 9 work package leaders to discuss the work performed for the different project tasks, milestones and deliverables. Each of those partner had a 30-minute time slot to present their slides to update the consortium members and answer their questions.

The General assembly represents the perfect occasion to organize workshops to gather partners’ perspectives on different subjects. Heiko Keller and Hanna Karg from IFEU conducted a workshop on life cycle assessment. Marine Bellon from B4C organized a workshop on the project’s communication strategies, where she explained the insights of social media algorithms and so provided partners with key insights to enhance the effectiveness of their efforts and boost the reach of our social media content.

The first day ended with a business dinner in Paris, providing partners with an opportunity to share a convivial time. Members of SylPlant met again the following day in Arbiom’s office to attend thematic sessions and meetings.

Proud of the work already performed, the consortium is looking forward to continuing its journey toward the opening of Arbiom’s first large-scale biorefinery.

Special thanks to Arbiom team for their exceptional organization of this event.

Stay tuned on SylPlant’s social media to be updated on the project’s news and results as we are approaching the end of the first year of collaboration.



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