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The SylPlant website is online

Following the launch of the SylPlant project, we are pleased to introduce its dedicated website, complementing our LinkedIn page and various communication materials.

The European SylPlant project partners are proud to announce the launch of their website. It is designed to provide visitors with a comprehensive understanding of the project, showcasing its core concept, objectives, applications, and the pivotal roles played by each partner.

On this website you will find information about the project, its objectives, the work plans, and the project’s expected impacts. You can read information regarding each partner and the global consortium, and have access to our news and our public documents, such as press releases and press articles focusing on the SylPlant project.

You can also explore our engaging flyer and informative roll-up, both available on the website. These materials provide an in-depth exploration of the project, offering insights into the project’s value chain, objectives, applications, and key elements.

Interested by the project? Follow the SylPlant’s project LinkedIn page to stay tuned to its progress and receive updates on the latest developments.



Arbiom-lead consortium officially launched SylPlant project during its kick-off meeting

The SylPlant project was officially launched in June 2023. Its kick-off meeting took place in Paris, at Arbiom’s head office, with

SylPlant project was officially launched in June 2023

SylPlant partners gathered all together for a kick-off meeting on June 14th, 2023. The SylPlant project, which brings together